The Return to the Family Farm

After her marriage in 1976, Mary Kay Schippers left the family farm to move to the city, embark on a career and raise a family with her high school sweetheart. In 1995, after her aging parents moved to town and decided to sell some land that had been owned and farmed by their family for over a century, Mary Kay and her husband stepped in and bought the land. As the fourth generation to own that land, she was determined to preserve the legacy for her sons and future generations. But it wasn’t until 2008 that Mary Kay felt an unmistakable urge to return to her farming roots on a full-time basis.


The Return to the Family Farm explores the many ups and downs of leaving the city behind and returning to one’s rural roots. It continues the family and farm history found in A Year on the Family Farm and Another Year on the Family Farm. With its lilting storytelling style and abundant humor, The Return to the Family Farm is sure to warm the hearts of young and old alike.






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