Another Year on the Family Farm

It’s 1970, mere months after the first man walked on the moon. The Vietnam War is raging on, drawing thousands of young American men into compulsory military service. Campus riots become commonplace, while Bridge Over Troubled Water tops the music charts. And millions of families across the nation gather around their television sets on Sunday evenings to watch what is to be the final season of the Ed Sullivan Show.

For thirteen-year-old Mary Kay, life changes irrevocably when the last of her brothers and sisters marries and moves away from the Kansas family farm. As the youngest of seven, she has always been surrounded by people and noise and activity. The sudden loneliness hits hard as Mary Kay tries to adapt to her new reality. At home, her dogs Sandy and Sport and her horse Strawberry become her sole companions, as she helps her loving Mama and hard-working Daddy carry on with their never-ending farm chores. At school, Mary Kay graduates from the comforting country grade school where her oldest brother had been her teacher and now faces the challenge of high school in another town with no friends.

Inspired by the discovery of an old diary, Another Year on the Family Farm continues the saga of author Mary Kay Schippers’ childhood first described in A Year on the Family Farm. Like its predecessor, Another Year on the Family Farm is full of love, life, and laughter. Whether it’s hanging on to a runaway horse, seeking refuge from a storm, learning to drive or falling in love, Mary Kay’s coming of age stories will carry you off to a world of enjoyment for young and old alike.

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