A Year on the Family Farm

“Grammy, tell me another story about when you were a kid,” asked author Mary Kay Schippers’ grandchild, Aleah. It wasn’t the first time. In fact, Mary Kay heard the request so many times, she decided to write down her most cherished childhood memories.

It’s 1965 and eight-year-old Mary Kay is growing up fast and free on her family’s farm in the heart of the Kansas prairie. With a hard-working, no-nonsense Daddy, a kind, loving Mama, and six big brothers and sisters who never let her forget she’s the baby, it’s a bustling and busy world for Mary Kay. Between the barn and the fields, she finds friendship with Strawberry, the wild foal, Ginger, the curiously-named black dog, and Cinnamon, the calf who becomes her pet. A book to delight the young and the old, A Year on the Family Farm is enriched with lessons learned from fresh air, friends, and family.


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