Farm Lessons

While life lessons can be learned in every environment, it could be argued that there is no better place to learn the value of hard work, the importance of family cooperation, and the love of animals, than on a family farm. For the author, childhood lessons learned from harvesting wheat, raising puppies and training horses on a family farm in rural Kansas, have translated into lifelong lessons about courage, friendship and forgiveness.picture

Author Mary Kay Schippers relates her favorite childhood memories from 1965 in A Year on the Family Farm and the Life Lessons Learned. Another Year on the Family Farm with More Life Lessons Learned describes her adolescent farm experiences in the year 1970. The final installment in the trilogy, The Return to the Family Farm Still Learning Life Lessons details her life-altering move back to the farm in 2010 with Danny, her husband of thirty-four years.

The setting of the books may be rural, but the lessons Mary Kay learned are – and will always be – universal.